Intelligent Fog-spraying Robot

Intelligent Fog-spraying Robot

Intelligent Fog-spraying Robot


Product Introduction :

ST-180C atomizing spray robot is designed to purify the air by rapidly atomizing the liquid and automatically spraying the area. This robot can automatically navigate to the area for full-coverage spraying, and supports mobile App control to achieve man-machine separation and minimize personnel exposure, so that the use safety is greatly improved. With simple structure, it is easy to maintain and manage.
Intelligent Fog-spraying Robot


  • 360°no dead angles,99.99% sterilizing rate.

    Dry particles below 10μm, small particles, no adherence, not prone to corroding the ground and other objects. Full coverage at 360°, with no dead angles. Equipped with unidirectional nozzles and multi-directional nozzles for flexible options. Kills a broad-range of bacteria, achieving a sterilization rate of over 99.99% against coronaviruses, flu, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, diarrhea, and other such diseases.
  • Higher atomization, larger water tank capacity, Applicable to large-scale scene

    Four sets of industrial-grade ultrasonic injector heads. Atomizes up to 2600ml/h, making it more effective for spraying larger spaces. Ultra-large 16L water tank, for care-free use in large environments such as airports and railway stations. Can sterilize 1000m² in just 15 minutes and 27,000m² at any one time. Fast and efficient.
  • Operated via an app. Real-time monitoring. Learn to use in just 10 minutes

    Simple and easy-to-use app interface. Real-time monitoring of the disinfection path, with separate work logs. Three simple steps: lay out - set a path - start disinfection.
  • Multiple scenarios, one-stop solution

    Utilizes multiple common air disinfectants such as chlorine dioxide and hypochlorous acid. One-stop solution for disinfection, haze suppression, humidification and cooling. Suitable for various scenarios such as airports, railway stations, subways, hospitals, laboratories, office buildings, banks, shopping malls, hotels, schools, workshops, karaoke halls, etc.
  • Autonomous navigation, smart obstacle avoidance, safety protection

    Accurate positioning, high-resolution mapping, easy deployment, stable obstacle avoidance, multiple sensors, safe and free of dead zones. One button to switch between strict line patrol and smart obstacle avoidance patrol. Prevents dry burning,  automatically stops operating when it reaches a low water level, and returns to the charging pile.
  • Automatic charging, free of artificial managing, saving manpower

    24/7 fully automatic working, smart and worry-free, no need for manual management, man-machine separation, occupational protection, prevents cross-infection. Ultra-long battery endurance, automatic recharge when on low battery, air freight friendly battery certification to ensure safety, instant/timed autonomous disinfection, easy management, saves on manpower.

Tech Specs

Size Diameter 530mm x Height 1340mm
Weight 48.4kg(excludes disinfectant)
Endurance time 4.5h
Charging time 3h(0~80%)
Tank volume 16L
Moving Speed  0.3m/s
Spray coverage  5-6m
Charging way Automatic Charging
Disinfectants Hypochlorous acid, hydrogen dioxide
Passing range Width≥750mm, Gradeability≤8°, stair height≤15mm