Professional UV Disinfection Robot

Professional UV Disinfection Robot

Professional UV Disinfection Robot


Product Introduction :

ST UVRobot, based on mobile robot platform, is equipped with a  professional UV disinfection module, which can replace operators to enter confined spaces such as dangerous areas, public areas, and inaccessible areas to quickly kill pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, spore fungi, germs, etc., and thoroughly disinfect indoor air and articles without dead angle.
Professional UV Disinfection Robot


  • Medical grade sterilization High-intensity radiation, 99.99% sterilization rate.

    High-intensity radiation superimposition, cumulative UV-light intensity of up to 1500µW/cm², 10-minute sterilization area of 40m² (staphylococcus albus). No need for pre-heating, fast sterilization, one point by 3-minute coronavirus elimination (as per the requirements of national standards). With broad-spectrum sterilization, it has an extermination rate of over 99.99% against coronavirus, influenza virus, staphylococcus albus, E. coli, and other pathogens.
  • Professional UV quartz tube, environmentally friendly and safe

    The pure quartz UV germicidal lamp uses the strongest germicidal waveband of 254nm. Ten professional-use UV lamps are arranged in a circle, leaving no dead angles for disinfection. Without chemical disinfectant, this machine does not corrode the surfaces of objects, does not contain liquid mercury, does not generate harmful substances, and performs environmentally friendly disinfection to prevent secondary pollution.
  • Autonomous navigation, smart obstacle avoidance

    Industry-leading navigation technology, centimeter-level high-precision positioning, memory-based mapping, records personnel routes, autonomous movement, smart obstacle avoidance, and long-term stable operation in a responsible environment.
  • Ensure safety first

    Industrial-grade product, multi-level safety protection, remote control, man-machine separation, audio cautions, smart light-up when personnel collides with it by mistake, safe contact with a bumper strip.
  • Simple and easy app operations, ergonomic interactions

    Mobile app control, light cloud deployment, innovative and exemplary path planning, manageable even for beginners. The user-friendly interface, lighting, and voice interactions offer an improved user experience.
  • Set-time partition disinfection Makes disinfection flexible and convenient

    Supports disinfection point and area modifications at any time, achieving disinfection in any partition (room), complex environment, location, and duration, so that disinfection is uniform and consistent. Disinfection modes are suitable for different space sizes. Starts working at regular times, and recharges automatically after completing its routine for easy management.

Tech Specs

Size Diameter530mm x Height 1375mm
Weight 55.6kg
Lamp power 410W (41W/pcs, 10 pcs)
Moving speed 0~0.45m/s
Circle life of Lamp  10000 Hours
UV radiation direction 360°omnidirectional
UV light wavelength  254nm
UV sterilization rate UV power: 16W*10; total irradiation intensity: 1500μW/c㎡
Sterilization level bacteria, fungi, germs, etc. on the surface of objects and in the air
Passage width 750mm
Charging way Automatic Charging
Safety protection emergency stop, remote control switch, human body induction