SmarTec Tray Return Robot

SmarTec Tray Return Robot

SmarTec Tray Return Robot


Product Introduction :

SmarTec Tray Return Robot is provided with several high-technology funcations,for example,Autonomous Navigation,Autonomous Obstacle,Autonomous Charging,Detection of Food Tray,Emergency/Pause Stop,Voice Reminding,and etc.With SmarTec Tray Return Robot,user could provide high quality services as well as decrease labour force.
SmarTec Tray Return Robot


  • Autonomous Navigation

    Based on the advanced SLAM technology, SmarTec Tray Return Robot can sense different environment and create map model by itself. In this method, robot can move autonomously in the assigned path or roam in the map.
  • Autonomous Obstacle /Movement Security

    SmarTec Tray Return Robot can detect the obstacle in advance during autonomous navigation. Robot can alter the assigned path and make a detour in order to avoid the collision.
  • Autonomous Charging

    Go back to the charging station autonomously.
  • Voice Reminding

    Inform customers to let it by.
  • Emergency Stop

    Press red emergency stop button immediately.
  • Pause Stop

    Press yellow pause stop button for stop temporarily.
  • Issurance Job

    Command or select the pre-set routes.
  • Detection Of Food Tray

    Sensors to detect the food tray status.


Base(L*W*H) 690*545*415mm Robot Weight 96KG(Base:50KG)
Robot(L*W*H) 690*545*1847mm Load Weight 100KG
Shelf(L*W*H) 470*622*200mm Battery 30AH
Max Working Hour 8Hours Charging Time 3Hours
Top Speed 0.5m/s Navigation Accuracy 5-10cm
Reverse Distance 1 meter
Motion Type 2 Wheels differential
WIFI WIFI, transmission:802.11n


SmarTec Tray Return Robot