SmarBot(Meal Delivery Robot)

SmarBot(Meal Delivery Robot)

SmarBot(Meal Delivery Robot)

Product Introduction :

Autonomous food delivery, autonomous navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, multi-machine collaboration, shortest path, voice prompts. It has strong environmental adaptability, no need for navigation bars, and does not damage the harmony of the restaurant environment. Can replace or partially replace the restaurant waiter to serve customers. It can reduce the number of waiters and enhance the brand image of the restaurant, which has high economic value.
SmarBot(Meal Delivery Robot)


  • Autonomous Navigation

    Based on the advanced SLAM technology, SmarBot can sense different environment . robot can move autonomously in the assigned path.
  • Autonomous Obstacle

    SmarBot can detect the obstacle in advance during autonomous navigation. Robot can alter the assigned path and make a detour in order to avoid the collision.
  • Shortest Path

    When a robot performs a multi-table task, it performs the task according to the principle of the shortest path.
  • Multi-machine Collaboration

    Intelligent scheduling enables multiple robots to work together.
  • Voice/Animated Reminders

    Intelligent voice prompts to avoid and guests to take meals.
  • Single-table/Multi-table Delivery

    Docking is accurate and in place, saving meal delivery time.

Tech Specs

Size 516x500x1288mm
Weight 35kg
Material ABS/Aviation grade aluminum alloy
Charging Time  4H
Operating Time 13~24H
Cruising Speed 0.5~1.2m/s
Single Pallet Load Bearing 10kg/pallet